Shanghai Through the Lens

Song Dynasty (960-1279) is known as the first authority that ruled in China and built the city of Shanghai. Later on, Shanghai gradually developed into a busy port city. As a result of the country’s political turmoil,

Shanghai has been ruled by several foreign nations such as Britain, France and United States.

After more than ten centuries and countless political turmoil, Shanghai is gradually transforming from a regular port city in China into a global multicultural city. Several Hollywood movies were filmed in Shanghai. From Tom Cruise’s action at the top of ShanghaiFinancialCenter in Mission Impossible movie to the latest James Bond’s “Skyfall” with Daniel Craig came to meet his opponent also in this city.

Shanghai definitely has changed in the eyes of the world.

Shanghai is now China’s outstanding tourist city, a well-known city in history and culture, financial, trade and shopping center.

The architecture in Shanghai is another landscape

Eating in Shanghai is not only about enjoying delicious food, but also it’s a social and culture experience.


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